Based on its size alone, expanding into the U.S. market presents a number of challenges for European early stage companies. Getting off the ground in a new culture with different business values and norms, developing new networks, and executing on new commercialization strategies can be mind-boggling and time consuming.

To be successful, it’s important to scale-up for the U.S. market beyond anything your company has done before. Your success requires finesse in understanding how to test your target market, overcome cultural differences and build profitable business partnerships that are compatible with the competitive U.S. business environment.

EngagePoint is a cost-effective resource for companies who want to test the U.S. market, validate their value proposition and go-to-market strategies, and find first customers or partners before they invest in a fully committed launch. EngagePoint drives the process in a way that is focused on execution, creates momentum and gets results by creating real interest.